About Mini2me®


Mini2me.com® is the first distributor and manufacturer in France of customized figurines!


We propose you an original concept which is to create your own figurines from your photos. Not need to be a "star" to have your own figurine!


These fun little guys have become real phenomena across the Atlantic and landed in Europe to bring you new gift ideas.


Our objective is to create a unique gift!A unique item which only you will possess.Each figurine is a work of art, handmade, hand sculpted and hand painted by our artists.Cannot find the same twice!

Present among all the current protagonists of gifts, Mini2me® takes place easily on the first place of the unique and custom gifts.


It is an original gift idea and now all occasions will be good to offer a unique gift : Birthday, Wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, Valentine’s day, father’s day, mother’s day, Christmas, graduation, retirement, championship, company gifts, Corporate Challenge, promotion…

Offer a present having a sense, which is going to touch certainly the one who receives it!This is the way that works Mini2me®.


You can also simply make you happy by offering you your own Mini2me®!


We are continually developing our product line to better serve you;we shall not forget to present you the innovations and the new products.


Don’t wait any more! Be the first one to have your own custom bobblehead!


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